About Us

Who are we you ask?

We are Chopper Enterprises, a leader in making deals happen and keeping our customers and suppliers in business. Staying in business means everyone needs to be making money. We pay our suppliers a fair price for the goods we purchase. We turn around quickly and sell those same goods to our customers at a fair price. That is how good business is done!

We “get it.”

We are a business that understands supply and demand and what it takes for everyone we deal with to make money. Deals must make sense. We are firm believers in taking good care of our suppliers, just like we do our customers. We are not going to “nickel and dime” our suppliers to the last penny. We are going to go after our suppliers for great deals that make sense for them and us. We know that our suppliers need to make money, just like everyone else. We want our suppliers to offer us the best deals first, so we know that we have to pay what’s fair and easy to deal with, that is what Chopper Enterprises is all about.

Our customers are very important to us and we are always working to bring them the best deals possible. We know that the end purchasers out there today want everything at low prices, so we are working hard with our suppliers to bring those good deals to our customers. We work with our suppliers 24/7 all over the world to make this happen!

Chopper Enterprises knows that not every customer can buy a container of goods at a time. We know our customers can be a small business today and be a huge business tomorrow. We want to be a part of your success. We will work to supply you with the goods you need in bulk or can even make those smaller deals happen. We have connected our customers together over the years to work together and join forces, so they will have more buying power.

The bottom line is simple.

We are the people who want to make deals happen for you and for us. If deals are not being made, no one is making money. We need to make the deals happen for your success and for ours.